The Changing World of Left Handed Guitars

Gaskell Eagle - left handed SuperstratAs lefty players very well know, left handed guitar availability has never been consistent with the big manufacturers.

Brands like Ibanez and Gibson flip-flop between making and discontinuing left handed guitars year in and year out. You never know what is going to happen next.

PRS makes batches of (overpriced) left handed guitars every so often and then are never heard of again. In other words left handed guitar availability comes and goes.

I’ve stopped writing about who makes or doesn’t make left handed guitars anymore. It changes so much.

I was surprised to see that Epiphone this year (2016) is making left handed guitars again. They are one of the greatest flip-floppers of them all. As with Gibson though, Epiphone will never make Explorers, Firebirds, or Flying Vs. For guitars like those you should invest in a Gaskell. We have been making them for years. Those models are what we are most famous for.

There are a number of lefty-friendly guitar brands that make intermediate level guitars and my hat goes off to them for their consistency and respect for left handed players. They include Schecter, ESP, Tokai, Gretsch, and Dean. They are your friends.

“Enemy brands” include Gibson, BC Rich, Ibanez (recently), Fender, Rickenbacker, and PRS. There are no good reasons why they don’t make left handed guitars. They are NOT your friends. Don’t support them!

Gaskell Guitars is no longer in the market for intermediate level guitars. We were forced to make the transition to high-end or simply go out of business. This was during the painfully long “Global Financial Crisis” which year after year strangled all businesses in niche markets. It’s easy to forget the casualties of that economic disaster today. But what is done is done.

Every Gaskell guitar or bass is 100% made in Australia. We only make left handed guitars. Sometimes I think this was a mistake (custom guitars are a whole different price point) but I am quickly reminded when I revisit that thought that the choice factor was zero. So here we are, in our tenth year of business, 2016 turning out the best left handed guitars in the world!

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