Stockholm Syndrome Gibson Supporters

Stockholm Syndrome is defined in the Collins English Dictionary as:

a psychological condition in which hostages or kidnap victims become sympathetic towards their captors.”

In my view, any left handed guitarist who praises, idolizes, admires, or holds in any regard Gibson Guitar Corporation is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

If you haven’t instantly made the connection (which many of you will just by reading the above two sentences) then let me explain.

Gibson has held hostage every left handed guitar player in the world. Gibson has refused to make production left handed guitars for decades. I am talking about Explorers, Flying Vs and Firebirds especially. Since 2010 Gibson Custom Shop has shut the door on custom left handed guitars too. There goes the lefty Les Pauls which were the only models available through Custom Shop before.

I cannot for a minute muster up any sympathy, empathy or positivity toward any lefty guitarist who considers Gibson as being on the same side as us lefty guitarists. They are not. If we used “war” as a simile they would be the “enemy.” Being sympathetic to one’s enemy, the one that has held you hostage, hoping they might throw you a bone some day, is pure Stockholm Syndrome. Get it?

Message to lefty guitarists who support Gibson: have an epiphany (pun intended!) See it for how it is and look elsewhere for the guitars you want. Do not put a penny in the pockets of your captors. No matter how much you ingratiate yourself you will not get what you are hoping for. Look back over the last 30 years. Forget the petitions, forget the kind words and pleading. Don’t be a stooge. There are no left handed Gib$on guitars for you.


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