New Restrictions on exporting guitars made with rosewood

In case you have not heard, from 2 January 2017, all species of rosewood have been put under CITES restrictions with the result than any newly manufactured musical instrument with any content of rosewood is now required to have a CITES certificate of proof of legality and sustainability of the rosewood content.

This is an absolute DISASTER for the international music industry.

The cause of this has been China. The Chinese have singly destroyed the rosewood industry by their obsessions, greed and disregard for everyone and everything but themselves, bringing about the need to regulate the industry to stop the Chinese onslaught.

From this point onwards the process to export a guitar with rosewood components is simply a MESS that an exporter has no choice but work their way through.

For the last of the custom built Gaskell guitars that I have just finished I am faced with this dilemma. Governments being governments will put us through the hoops, use this as a cash-grab for their own coffers, and in short make it even harder to bring wonderful high quality musical instruments into the world. I have no doubt.

I am now researching how to go about sending the finished guitars to the various countries they are destined for.

Stand by for more information.

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