Friedman Amps

I’ve had the pleasure of trying a FRIEDMAN amp recently. Charles (Gaskell co-builder) is the Australian distributor for Friedman amps. He has come to know Dave Friedman personally. He is a big fan of these amps. When it comes to amps I am merely an “end user” so when Charles got them in he insisted I try one.

I have played some very nice amps in my time. What can I say about the Friedman amps? They are at the very top end of the market. They will set you back a pretty penny, but for the sound, appearance and quality, the price tag is not wrong. Like custom guitars and factory made guitars, there is a stark, easily discernible difference between a $5000 amp and a $1000 amp.

How do they sound? One word: AMAZING. When you play a good amp, you tend to play better. It forces you to raise your game, because every little nuance and subtlety of your playing style, the capabilities of your guitar, and your finesse is highlighted with the best amplifiers. Friedman amps are the top of the line. Not surprisingly it is very easy to just “slip into” this new level of playing and sound with the Friedman amp.

On clean, your guitar is crystal like, clear and three dimensional. The richness and depth of tone is ridiculous. On overdrive your guitar is a monstrous beast that is untameable in the absence of intervention. The effect is initially intimidating, until you quickly come to realize it’s YOU that’s creating that intimidation. Ever experienced something so mighty that it left you “faceless?” (I’m not sure if that is just a leftover 80’s term now, but you get the drift.) The sound of a Friedman will do that to you.

If you want the best amp for your guitar, consider a Friedman. They’re at the high-end of amps – for a very good reason. There are a number of different models. I highly recommend the BE-100. One thing I can say, you will never regret it.


  • Power: 100W (tube)
  • Three channels
  • Hand-wired in the USA
  • 4 x EL-34 power tubes
  • 4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Master volume and gain controls
  • Full EQ consisting of bass, middle, treble and presence (BE, HBE channel)
  • Clean channel featuring volume, treble, bass and 3-way bright switch
  • SAT, FAT, C45 and Voice switches create a multitude of unique textures
  • Line out with level control
  • Ultra transparent series FX loop
  • 4, 8 and 16 ohm Impedance Selector Switch
  • Custom USA made transformers
  • Two- button footswitch with LEDs included
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 8.75″ (D) x 29.25″ (W) x 12.25″ (H)
  • Weight: 43 lb.
  • Hand-wired
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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