FREE Left handed guitar knobs

left handed speed knobsI’ve just gotten in a new batch of left handed speed knobs. They aren’t always easy to get and to be honest, in the past, I haven’t given much attention to whether control knobs were right or left handed.

When we were making the factory Gaskells (2006-2013) the models that came with numbered plastic knobs were always fitted with right handed knobs by the factory. In those days it was hard to find lefty knobs, and the guitars were priced at the sub $1000 category so generic knobs were a cost-saver to help keep the guitars in that price range. All factory-made Gaskell guitars that had speed knobs or bell knobs went out to customers with right handed knobs! I don’t have exact figures but there are several hundred left handed Gaskells around the world with right handed control knobs!


If you have a Gaskell guitar, any model, from 2006-2013 with right handed control knobs on it, I am prepared to send to you FOR FREE a set of left handed speed knobs to replace the ones on your guitar. This applies to any Gaskell bought either directly from us (Australia or USA) or through any retail shop, ie. Lefty Guitars (Belgium), Downtown Music (Sydney), PKs Music (Perth), or River Music (Sydney.) This is a gesture of goodwill, nothing more, nothing less. I will run this offer until I run out of this current batch.

I only have black ones at this time, but black ones are the most common for guitars regardless of chrome, black or gold hardware.

As a note, our most popular model is and has always been left handed Explorer guitars. The Gaskell factory models went out with chrome barrel knobs, not numbered plastic knobs, unless specifically requested. Additionally, I would have no idea if any of the shops that sold Gaskell guitars replaced the knobs themselves.

Previous Gaskell guitar and bass models that came with numbered control knobs were:

  1. Gaskell Firestarter (left handed Firebird) – usually bell knobs
  2. Gaskell Classic (left handed Explorer) – where fitted
  3. Gaskell IceAxe (left handed Iceman)
  4. Gaskell Jazz (left handed ES 335 style) – all models came with speed knobs.
  5. Gaskell Rockitt (left handed Les Paul style)
  6. Gaskell Sage (left handed headless guitar)
  7. Gaskell Xbass (left handed Explorer bass) – where fitted

If you have one of the Gaskell guitars above with right handed control knobs EMAIL ME DIRECTLY on and I will send you a FREE set of left handed speed knobs. NO CHARGE. I will even pay for the postage, no matter where you live in the world. You will receive a set of speed knobs at no cost to you. Obviously I need some proof you have a Gaskell and that it came with numbered control knobs. I will ask you send a picture of your guitar and/or email a copy of your original warranty card. I don’t need to know if you bought it from us directly or from a shop.

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