Floyd Rose Tremolos for Left handed Guitars

There are a number of tremolo models by Floyd Rose, with the higher end ones made in Germany (Original Floyd Rose models) and the budget ones made in Korea (1000 series and Special series.) The only genuine Floyd Rose left handed tremolo available is the German-made OFR model. There are other licensed makers of Floyd Rose tremolos (Japanese and Korean) and there are some illegal Chinese knock-offs. Price is an accurate representation of authenticity.

Gaskell left handed Explorer guitar with Floyd Rose tremolo

I am a big fan of Floyd Rose tremolos and I am very familiar with the OFR, Schaller and Gotoh versions. Since we went 100% custom shop in 2013, I confess that I have only built Gaskells with OFR tremolos and I have not been asked to build one with a Schaller or Gotoh yet.

If you are keen on having a floating tremolo for your build, such as on the Gaskell EAGLE or EXPLORER, then here are your choices.


FRT100LThis is the left handed version of the original OFR tremolo and is available in chrome, satin chrome, black, gold, black nickel, vintage copper and satin pearl.

The 100 series is made in Germany and is the flagship model. The only other Floyd Rose original that is available left handed is the 1000 series EVH model which is made in Korea and is available only as an OEM option. No Gaskell guitars are optioned with the EVH model.


Schaller_Floyd_Rose_II_tremolo_unit_LH_1024x1024Made in Germany, the Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo is identical to the Original Floyd Rose tremolo, reason being that Schaller makes both OFR and Schaller brand models.

Left handed Schaller Floyd Rose tremolos are available in nickel, chrome, satin chrome, ruthenium, satin pearl, and vintage copper finishes.

Unfortunately the Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo which is an improved version of the original is not available left handed.



GotohGotoh tremolos are made in Japan and are the best of the licensed Floyd Rose tremolos. Some people like them better than the OFR/Schaller originals. Gotoh have been making them since 1986. Being Japanese, all sizes and measurments are metric.

Personally, I really like the Gotoh Floyd Rose. To me, they set up a bit easier than the OFR/Schallers. There are some small cosmetic differences between the OFR/Schaller originals and the Gotoh but they are essentially still the same.

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