Who Makes Left Handed Explorers?

    • Gibson does not and never will make another left handed Explorer. That is a lost cause if you are waiting for the day they do. The last time a production run of left handed Explorer guitars occurred was in 1985. As of 2016, Gibson makes no left handed guitars of any type, not even in Custom Shop. Gibson are not your friends.  
    • Dean Guitars, from USA, have occasionally made small runs of their lefty ZX model Explorer, not currently as of 2016. However, since 2015 Dean have been offering two production Dave Mustaine signature “Zero Trust” models in left hand. The Dave Mustaine shape is more pointed and more aggressive than the Gibson original Explorer.zerotrustl


    • ESP, from Japan, make something reminiscent of an Explorer, the very cool James Hetfield “Snakebyte” which in itself is reminiscent of the old Ibanez Destroyer from the 1980’s, but at US$ 4500 (AU$ 6000) the lefty costs almost double the price of a Gaskell Custom Shop left handed Explorer and isn’t as good. Also, it is only available in one colour: white. They have another model, their EX series, which is similar to an original Explorer but very sharp and pointy. There are two lefty models available in this series.xlarge


    • LTD, ESP’s entry-level guitar range also offers the Snakebyte in left hand, and also only in white colour. It’s a budget guitar made in China and very difficult to find.LTDxlarge


    • Tokai, from Japan used to make left handed Explorer guitars for a long time but don’t appear to be making them anymore, or if that is not true then they are making them only very sporadically. The Tokai EX-55 is their “Legacy Series” Explorer model, made in China. The EX-66 is the higher-end “Traditional Series” model, also made in China but with the same materials as the Japanese models. As of 2016 there are no Explorers of any kind on the Japan Tokai website and none advertised on Taniguchi-Gakki which used to be the #1 place in the world to buy left handed Tokai guitars. The UK Tokai site still lists the EX-55 and the Netherlands site lists both models, but neither sites make mention of any current left handed availability.Tokai EX66 Explorer
    • Gordon Smith, from the UK make left handed Explorers, or they used to. I am not sure. Looking at their website in 2016 I cannot find Explorers at all. They definitely used to make Explorers in the past. Gordon Smith is not a brand we see here in Australia. I suspect they may have “consolidated” their range as so many guitar manufacturers have done, following the devastating Global Financial Collapse in 2008 which to some degree destroyed the music industry at the same time as destroying the world economy.
    • Gaskell Custom Left Handed Guitars. For the very best left handed Explorer guitar in the world, with any options you desire, look no further than the Gaskell CLASSIC. 100% made in Australia. 100% customizable. 7 string versions are available and a left handed Explorer bass.Gaskell Left handed Explorer guitar
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