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Ed Roman couldn’t have said it better. Here is a very important and relevant piece of information regarding vintage guitars, knowledge of which will give you insight and understanding of the vintage guitar market from the perspective of the saturated right handed guitar market. As a lefty you should know this too because we are lucky that our market (lefty guitars) is not and may never be as corrupted as “theirs” and we have advantages they do not.

Fact: there are not a lot of vintage lefty guitars around in the first place. Because of this we have not yet suffered some of the problems described in the article I am referring you to below. And we even have an advantage over right handed guitars: Vintage (quality) left handed guitars are never going to go down in price. High quality, high priced left handed vintage guitars will always be rare, and because there are so few, the “good” can easily be filtered out from the “bad”, leaving only the good, such as Gaskell and other boutique, one-off, left handed guitars. You will never lose money owning a Gaskell or other high-end boutique left handed guitar, no matter what the provenance and no matter what is going on in the world economically or otherwise… well maybe not if there was a Zombie Apocalypse.

Gaskell guitars and basses will never lose their value. That $5000 Gaskell you bought in 2012 will still be worth $5000 in 2022 (unless you destroyed it through neglect in which case that is entirely your own fault.) In 2050 that $5000 guitar may be worth 10 X or 20 X it’s original price. Maybe even more. It will never be worth less. This is not the case with right handed guitars. A smart left handed guitarist should never have any reservations about buying a top-of-the-line left handed guitar.

This article was actually written by a Frank Lucido from USA. I have no idea who he is nor when it was written. All I know is he is a mighty smart guy and I’d want to buy him a cold one if I ever met him (as you would do in appreciation of newfound knowledge gained.) It appeared on Ed Roman’s website and Ed has made his own comments. Read what it says here.

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