Start of 2017

Happy New Year fellow left handed guitarists and bassists.

I have just returned from a few weeks in New Zealand. We travelled on treacherous, winding roads over rugged mountains, cruised long straight distances across plains of green, drank L&P, stood on the edge of an active volcano, played Airsoft (illegal in Australia), and survived listening to the horrible and grating unique mono-vowel New Zealand accent. They can’t beat Australian dairy products and seafood, but they definitely have better fruit and vegetables! It was a great trip!

We recommence officially 9 January.

Don’t you worry, with what happened in 2016 and what will happen in 2017, this new year will be a GREAT YEAR for all honest and hardworking people of the Earth.

People can prosper in a society that isn’t trying to take everything away from you that you have worked hard for.

Re: EMAILS. Please allow up to a week for us to reply to your emails. We did not have access to email during our break and there’s a few hundred emails to get through.

Re: BUILDS IN PROGRESS. We did not quite complete all of our 2016 builds in 2016. I need to play catch up on those remaining builds in these first few weeks but after that it will be full steam ahead for all 2017 builds. All 2017 builds are on track otherwise.

Re: 2017. This year will be our actual tenth year of business. Yes, we have been going for 10 years! Time flies. There are a lot of Gaskell players around the world. Let’s make more.

I enjoy your emails, comments and suggestions. I am a resource for left handed guitarists. Use me. If there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to communicate.

Kevin Gaskell

9 January 2017

©2017 Gaskell Guitars Australia

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