Completion of Builds + Hiatus

On completion of our current builds we will be going on hiatus indefinitely. We are not taking any more orders but will be concentrating on the builds we have going now. We are already behind on our time frames so every effort will be spent to complete the current orders. It has been a pleasure dealing with all the many left handed guitarists and bassists we have helped over the years.

24 Aug 2015

New! Guitar Bags for Explorer Guitars

Australia finally has an official importer and wholesaler of Ritter guitar bags! Gaskell Guitars is one of the first Australian music businesses to take up stock, starting with the highly sought after EXPLORER GUITAR bags! Not only are we able to sell these high quality guitar bags at a far better price than what we were getting them before when we had to get them from Europe, but we are keeping stock! Following later in the year will be Randy Rhoads V gig bags and others. And the prices are unbelievable. Everyone wins!

24 Jun 2015

Website Changes

In advance of a major revision of the Gaskell Guitars website we have made a few changes to the current website as a lead-in to the new website. You will notice that pricing is easier to access and we have streamlined our range. That doesn't mean we don't or won't make all the other Gaskell models, however our most popular models are highlighted especially. The whole idea is to make the site more easy to navigate and to better provide information. That's what people want. People want their questions answered and information readily accessible. If you have any feedback or suggestions on what the new website should look like or contain feel free to drop us a line. Tell us what you like to see in a website that would help you make decisions easier.

24 Jun 2015

Evertune Bridges

JUNE, 2015. EVERTUNE BRIDGES. Gaskell Guitars are now offering Evertune® bridge systems on specific guitar builds. If you do not know about Evertune bridges then CLICK HERE. This is a radically innovative system whereby you guitar will never go out of tune when you are playing. It truly is revolutionary and can be used on left handed guitars, including 7 and 8 string guitars!

24 Jun 2015

Progress of Builds

JUNE, 2015. PROGRESS OF BUILDS. Just to let everyone know that all builds are currently on target for estimated completion. Applies to all builds underway in Custom Shop at this time.

24 Jun 2015

Bare Knuckle Pickups

JUNE 2015. BARE KNUCKLE PICKUPS. For some reason Bare Knuckles in the UK are a very difficult company to deal with and get orders sent on time. We have been waiting for what seems forever for some stock of Bare Knuckles pickups from the UK. Do they think they are "so popular" now that they can afford to be lax in their customer relations? Fortunately no Gaskell customers are waiting on Bare Knuckle pickups for their builds at this time.

24 Jun 2015

New Models ?

We are always looking at how we can provide the best left handed guitars to all lefty guitarists and bassists around the world. We welcome you all to drop us an email and let us know your opinion about what models we should make or bring back, this time in Custom Shop. What do you think?

13 Apr 2015

Fake Gaskells from the Internet

They say "imitation is the highest form of flattery" but when it comes to stealing another's intellectual property there's nothing flattering about it. That is criminality. We have discovered recently that there are some supposed "Gaskell" Classics (Explorers) on offer from China direct to the public via the Internet. These are fakes. They may look like our old factory Classic model but they are definitely not Gaskells. Our 2006-2013 factory models were made to my strict specifications under an OEM arrangement with one chosen and trusted factory building them. They were built using my templates, and my designs and modifications. The Gaskell Classic was never a Gibson Explorer clone. Factory Gaskells were intentionally made with the best woods, best hardware, and best electronics, and to the highest standards for their price point. In fact the Gaskell factory-made range of guitars and basses surpassed all others in the same price range. One half of the manufactuing process took place here in Australia where upon receipt from the factory we fret-levelled and set up every single guitar to professional standards. These Gaskell fakes are not being made in our factory and they are not being made to Gaskell standards or specifications. These are cheap copies, just…

28 Feb 2015

Ibanez Discontinues Lefties

Well, I never thought I'd see the day when Ibanez would dump all their lefty guitars leaving two rubbish quality budget lefties, one totally mediocre bass and two boring and uninspiring acoustics in their range. Seems like they found out about the Gaskell Eagle and decided to throw the towel in? Gone are the days of the lefty RG series.

18 Feb 2015

Questions About the Former Gaskell Factory Line

We are still getting people asking about the future of the Gaskell factory line. We love to hear from everyone about anything and everything lefty-related but we thought we'd answer that question here for everyone, considering its 2015 now. While it is true that the Australian dollar has lost considerable value of late and buying a Gaskell is 40% cheaper today than it was in 2013/2014 through exchange rate variation alone, circumstances are still not present to warrant bringing the factory line back. If you ask yourself, how many "$1000 guitars" would you have to buy over 20 years versus how many Custom Shop guitars would you have to buy over 20 years the answer is always going to be anywhere from 5:1 to 10:1. To buy a Custom guitar is cheaper in the long run and so much better. You get THE guitar of your dreams through Custom Shop. If you are interested CLICK HERE to read our 2014 heartfelt article concerning the discontinuing of the Gaskell off-the-shelf factory line.

24 Jan 2015

Designs in the Works

Over the last few months we have put in a good deal of dedication into researching left handed 7 and 8 string guitars. We have found that there actually is a fairly decent range of lefty 7-strings and one or two 8 string lefties. Skervesen and Black Machine are the top-end brands (although Black Machine are not accepting lefty orders currently) and Ibanez and Schecter are at the lower end. As usual though, you are paying too much money for these high-end manufacturers and you get-what-you-given at the lower end. Using our Eagle design we are prototyping a 7 string and an 8 string at the moment. If you have an interest in 7 or 8 string guitars then contact us. We would like to hear from you: what has been your experience with 7 or 8 string lefties? Played a Black Machine? Liked it? Hated it? Played a Schecter? Any surprises? (good or bad.) We are interested. Tell us what you think.

04 Jan 2015

Gaskell Factory-Made Guitars 2006-2013

In 2014, we decided to discontinue our factory-made range of Gaskell guitars and basses which we had been making since 2006. Since 2014 all Gaskell guitars and basses are 100% made at our Custom Shop in Sydney, Australia, built specifically to customer specifications. We make the very best left handed guitars in the world. Why did this happen? The world has changed a lot since 2008. That was the year when the Global Financial Collapse occurred. Whether we like it or not, that worldwide event and what transpired after it has also had a massive impact on the global music industry and guitar manufacturers. Good and bad. Beyond 2008 Since the GFC in 2008 and especially during the last few years retailers internationally have struggled to sell products, any kind of products. People don’t spend like they used to. They don’t think twice, they think three or four times before they part with their hard earned cash these days. And often when they do they’re now choosing the cheaper or cheapest option. Collapsed economies, increased costs of living, and general hardship has created this mindset. Many guitar manufacturers stopped making left handed guitars prior to and during the early years of the Global Financial…

24 Oct 2014

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