7 string left handed Explorer

I am releasing a revised version of the Gaskell left handed 7 string Explorer guitar this year. I have just updated my templates to be able to fit the Evertune 7 string bridge. If you do not know about Evertune bridges I thoroughly recommend you look into them. Per their product description, the Evertune 7 string bridge is meant for a Strat guitar. I needed to make some modifications to my templates to fit this one-of-a-kind bridge system to an Explorer body. It wasn't difficult, and I have done this. Now you can get a left handed 7 string Explorer guitar with an Evertune bridge! That's a first for left handed guitars in the world! Here are two videos by Evertune about their incredible bridge system. The first is general, the second demonstrates the 7 string bridge.

02 Feb 2016


Welcome to 2016, fellow lefty guitarists and bassists. As you may know, I announced at the end of last year that I would not be taking any new orders for guitars. I did not give a reason at that time. The reason was because I was exploring the possibilities of relocating Gaskell Guitars to New Zealand. I have spent many months involved with this and have just returned to Sydney, from New Zealand after a long time there. The decision I have made is to stay in Australia at this time. This means that Gaskell Guitars is fully open for business in 2016. We are taking new orders and we are in full operation including set ups, upgrades, cases for left handed guitars, etc.

26 Jan 2016

Evertune Bridges

JUNE, 2015. EVERTUNE BRIDGES. Gaskell Guitars are now offering Evertune® bridge systems on specific guitar builds. If you do not know about Evertune bridges then CLICK HERE. This is a radically innovative system whereby you guitar will never go out of tune when you are playing. It truly is revolutionary and can be used on left handed guitars, including 7 and 8 string guitars!

24 Jun 2015

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