Moving forward in 2016

APRIL 2016. A couple of people who have been in touch with me recently have asked if we are still making guitars? I want to say very clearly: yes, we are making left handed guitars. We are still here in Australia. We did not move.

Some previous customers were not aware that we do not make factory made guitars any more. Just to reiterate, we stopped factory production in 2013. The reason in a nutshell was that the over-valued Australian dollar eventually made them too expensive to manufacture and still be able to retain the sub-$1000 price point. For no other reason than the ridiculous exchange rate.

Always half the process took place at the factory and the other half here at Custom Shop, courtesy of Charles Cilia Custom Guitars, Australia’s #1 custom guitar luthier. No Gaskell guitar or bass was every truly a “factory made guitar.” That was true for every single factory made Gaskell guitar and bass ever made.

Since 2013 we have only been making Custom left handed guitars, 100% made in Australia.

It was a regrettable decision on my part, because our factory/custom shop guitars were always the best factory made left handed guitars in the world. But the decision was forced. There was no choice. In a corrupt world, like this one, the oppressors create the chaos and the everyday people suffer for it. Why did the Global Financial Collapse of 2008 happen? It wasn’t by accident. You are silly if you think it was. Globally, we are all still suffering for that. The GFC still continues to be felt in 2016.

Those of you who were too young to have known what life was like before 2008 except from what you heard from your parents – have no idea of what happened and what it meant for people and businesses, because your life is what you know today and what you know today will always be what is “normal” today. For example, young Australians think $10 for a hamburger and $30 for a packet of cigarettes is “normal.” Why wouldn’t they? That’s all they’ve known. When I was their age, a packet of cigarettes was 0.77 cents. People older than me remember when they cost even less. Hell, a 600ml bottle of milk was 10 cents when I was kid!

I am here. I am contactable. It is true that I have been looking at relocating. I have been pretty involved in that since I have been back from New Zealand. But the workshop isn’t moving. Charles is still there. We are still working together as we have done for the past 6 years. We are on top of things.

Best to email me. The email address is the same. I encourage you to get the dream left handed guitar or bass you have always wanted. You will not get that from Gibson, PRS, or Fender if you are a left handed guitarist. Just forget them. You can get your dream left handed guitar or bass from Gaskell Guitars, as it always has been. I design and spec them. Charles builds them. Custom left handed guitars and basses only. 100% made in Australia.

©2017 Gaskell Guitars Australia

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