Single Cut

Since 2015 Gibson no longer makes left handed Les Paul guitars. There are other brands that make lefty LP-style guitars but most are entry to intermediate level instruments.

The Les Paul has become the second most popular electric guitar of all time, second only to the Fender Stratocaster. Half of the guitar players in the world today play Les Paul style guitars. Every guitar brand in the world makes a variation of the Les Paul.

Original Les Pauls have issues. They are famous for breaking necks. Models made before the 1980s were too heavy. No one was playing Les Pauls until Slash from Guns n’ Roses re-popularized the model in the 1980s. His guitar was not even a Gibson. We too can make Les Pauls better than the originals.

Now you can get the very best Les Paul style left handed guitar in the world. Available world wide.


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