The GASKELL HYBRID is the ultimate left handed double-cut guitar for the professional guitarist. This is essentially two guitars in one due to the push-pull coil tap which enables the guitar to switch from single coil (Fender) sounds to humbucker (Gibson) sounds on the same pickups.
Our base model is made out of genuine mahogany with an 18mm carved maple cap. Figured tops are optional. Bridge options included in the base price are TonePros tun-o-matic, TonePros wraparound, or the Hipshot Contour Tremolo bridge. We can make it with a genuine Original Floyd Rose tremolo if you like. Or perhaps you want the security of never having your guitar go out of tune with an Evertune bridge? It’s entirely up to you.
With your choice of Seymour Duncan, EMG or DiMarzio pickups you get amazing sound combinations from clear and amazing cleans to dirty and aggressive overdrive. The Hybrid has the right tonal combinations for all playing styles.
Unlike mass-produced guitars, custom shop guitars last forever. You only need to buy one once in your lifetime! The Hybrid comes with a 50 year warranty.


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