Whether we like it or not, the Stratocaster® is the most popular electric guitar in the world. More people play Strats than any other kind of guitar. Lefties are no different. Although there are lots of lefty Strats available, most are entry-level guitars. That’s good for beginners, sure – but what about serious guitarists?

The GASKELL EAGLE is the ultimate professional left handed Superstrat guitar. 100% made in Australia. 100% customizable.

Our base model comes with genuine Floyd Rose tremolo, two humbuckers of your choice, and a single coil pickup. The body is a familiar Superstrat shape but not quite like any other Superstrat guitar. The Eagle is built for comfort, accessiblity, speed, and precision. A good guitar makes you play better. 7 and 8 string versions are available too!

Don’t give your hard-earned money away to guitar brands that don’t really care about left handed players. Gaskell Guitars is 100% dedicated to lefty players only and we make the very best left handed guitars in the world. The Eagle is one of them. Look no further for your dream guitar. Available worldwide.


Gaskell Eagle

Gaskell Eagle. Top of the line left handed Superstrat guitar

Gaskell Eagle headstock

Unique Gaskell headstock. Exclusive to the Gaskell Eagle, left handed Superstrat guitar.

Gaskell left handed Superstrat

Gaskell Eagle, left handed Superstrat. 100% made in Australia. 100% customizable.

Gaskell Eagle - left handed Superstrat

Gaskell EAGLE, left handed Superstrat. 100% made in Australia. 100% customizable.


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