Christmas Time Again: 2016!

This year has gone fast! At least for me it has.

Some revolutionary and much needed changes have occurred in the world this year.

For the first time in a long time the Left Wing agenda have had the slap in the face they very much deserved, firstly here in Australia (which is thoroughly left wing oriented) with our own election and the return of Pauline Hanson to politics. 500,000 Australians put their vote in Pauline and her support grows stronger every day as more and more Australians become un-brainwashed from the insidious “thought police” of the Politically Correct-protected Left Wing media and politics.

Then there was BREXIT. This time, the British people stood up for themselves and voiced their opposition against the Left Wing, globalist, European Union that for the longest time had been sucking the life out of the United Kingdom and it’s people. Now the UK can take back it’s own identity, restore it’s own culture, and control it’s own borders again. In the words of Donald Trump: “without borders you have no country.”

And speaking of Trump, we have the final win for 2016: the “silent majority” in the United States of America turned their backs on the criminal, murderous and war mongering Obama/Clinton cartel and voted Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States Of America. A landslide victory. My faith in America has been restored.

The moral of the story? PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP.

This destructive one-world, one-culture agenda of the United Nations must cease. The UN is a failure. The UN is ineffectual. The UN is responsible for the spread of extremist Islamic terrorism throughout the world via it’s blackmail program to force countries to take Syrian refugees, many of whom were consciously sent by ISIS to cause chaos and mayhem in the West.

We have the UN to thank for that. Classic Left Wing agenda.

Unfortunately, the young people of today: Gen-Y or the Millennials, or whatever you call them, are the most influential demographic and have been thoroughly brainwashed as a generation by this globalist propaganda. This is tragic. The smart ones will still see through it, but there are a great number of these young people who don’t know enough about life yet to understand the consequences of what it means to have your culture and your identity destroyed by “globalization” and the “one world” concept. In my day we called that “The New World Order.” We fought against it. Since when did FREEDOM become “not important”?

I don’t understand how some people are totally blind to this obviously destructive Left Wing agenda. Is it merely “instant gratification” selfishness that blinds these hateful, foul-mouthed leftists? Are they just trying to be “trendy” or “controversial?” Or is it simply ignorance stemming from the relentless barrage of long-term brainwashing? Australian media squeals like a pig every time someone speaks out. The left wing attacks people. The left wing endorses violence. The left wing are narrow-minded, self-serving racists who accuse everyone else of being “racist” thereby revealing their true colours by their accusations. Leftists have ZERO foresight and understanding of future consequences because they cannot (or will not) see what really is going on. I find it hard to feel sorry for those people.

Still, it’s a good time to be alive now.

The next to be purged from the remaining members of the globalist cartel will be Angela Merkel.

We as a people still have a long way to go, but at least the wheels are turning and it is the MAJORTIY that are making the wheels turn. The people of the world are fed up. It’s “no more Mr Nice Guy.” This is a good thing.

I would personally like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. Keep up the good work! Fight the good fight. Don’t be silent! Write a song!

©2017 Gaskell Guitars Australia

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