7 string left handed Explorer Guitar

(Click on title to view text and media.) JANUARY 2016. I am releasing a revised version of the Gaskell left handed 7 string Explorer guitar this year.

I have just updated my templates to be able to fit the Evertune 7 string bridge. If you do not know about Evertune bridges I thoroughly recommend you look into them.

Per their product description, the Evertune 7 string bridge is meant for a Strat guitar. I needed to make some modifications to my templates to fit this one-of-a-kind bridge system to an Explorer body. It wasn’t difficult, and I have done this.

Now you can get a left handed 7 string Explorer guitar with an Evertune bridge! That’s a first for left handed guitars in the world!

Here are two videos by Evertune about their incredible bridge system. The first is general, the second demonstrates the 7 string bridge.

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