FEBRUARY 2016. As you may know, I announced at the end of last year that I would not be taking any new orders for guitars. I did not give a reason at that time. The reason was because I was exploring the possibilities of relocating Gaskell Guitars to New Zealand.

I have spent many months involved with this and have just returned to Sydney, from New Zealand after a good period of time there living like a local so I would not be star-struck by all the propaganda.

If New Zealand was still like it was 3 years ago I would be over there in a heartbeat. There are more high-end custom guitar builders in Auckland city alone than there are in the whole of Australia. However, New Zealand is not what it was like 3 years ago. New Zealand is just like Australia. In fact, you could even say Australia in some ways is becoming like New Zealand. The Australian government is doing what the New Zealand government did to boost it’s economy: sell everything to the Chinese. Short term gains. Long term concerns. All for the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR. Sad but true.

The decision I have made is to stay in Australia at this time. This means that Gaskell Guitars is fully open for business in 2016

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